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2BW5 LRVP for chemical industry

  • 2BW5 LRVP for chemical industry
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First、Product introduction
2BW5/6/7 chemical plant is a complete set of units developed on the basis of 2BE1 and CBF water ring vacuum pumps.

Second、Product features
1、The unit is well equipped to meet different requirements.
(1)、The heat exchanger is equipped to realize the closed circulation of the working fluid. Besides using water as working fluid, glycol, diesel, DOP and other liquids can also be used as working fluids.
(2)、With a gas-liquid separator, the gas and liquid mixtures discharged from the vacuum pump can be effectively separated. After the liquid is cooled by the heat exchanger, the self suction of the pump is refluted to the vacuum pump as a circulating working fluid of the pump. The gas is discharged to the designated place through the exhaust port of the separator.
2、There are many options for liquid level control to meet different needs.
(1)、Manual liquid level control: when the unit works, the discharged gas will take away a small amount of working fluid vapor and cause the liquid level to drop. By manually adjusting the valve, replenish the working fluid to the unit.
(2)、Electric liquid level control: fill fluid and drain solenoid valve on the gas liquid separator. When the level of the unit is lower than the lower limit, the solenoid valve is automatically opened to replenish the liquid to the unit and automatically shut down when the requirement is reached. When the working fluid exceeds the upper limit of the liquid level, the discharge solenoid valve opens automatically, and the excess liquid is discharged. When the requirement is reached, the discharge liquid solenoid valve is closed. Relevant signals can be connected to DCS according to the requirements of users.
(3)、Mechanical automatic liquid level control: a mechanical high and low position controller is installed on the gas water separator, and the purpose of controlling liquid level is achieved by replenishing or discharging.

Third、Technical parameter
Pumping rate: depending on the vacuum pump
Vacuum degree: depending on the vacuum pump

Fourth、Application area
It is especially suitable for pumping inflammable, explosive and poisonous gases, and is widely used in chemical industry.

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