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Trouble shooting



elimination method

 The pump does not absorb water, and the pointer of the pressure gauge and vacuum gauge is beating fiercely.

 The water of the injection pump is not enough; the suction pipe is leaking.

 Water injection into the pump; plugging the air leakage.

 The pump does not absorb water, and the vacuum table shows a high vacuum.

 The bottom valve has not been opened or silted up; the resistance of the suction pipe is too large; the water suction height is too high.

 Calibrate or clean bottom valve; clean or replace suction line; reduce water absorption height.

 The pump does not come out of water and the pressure gauge shows pressure.

 The resistance of the outlet pipe is too large; the pump is not rotating in the right direction; the impeller is blocked; the speed is not enough.

 Check or shorten the outlet pipe; correct the rotation direction of the pump; clean impeller; speed up.

 Insufficient flow of water or too low lift

 Impeller or inlet and outlet pipeline blockage; double suction seal ring wear too much, impeller erosion or damage; speed below the specified value.

 Clean impeller or pipeline; replace damaged parts, eliminate cavitation; adjust to rated speed.

 The power consumed by the pump is too large

 The packing is pressed too tightly; the impeller is rubbed with the double suction seal ring; and the flow is too large.

 Unscrew the packing gland, eliminate mechanical friction, adjust the sluice valve and reduce the flow.

 The internal sound of the pump is abnormal and the pump is not water.

 The suction pipe is too strong, the water absorption height is too high, the suction pipe is leaking, and the flow rate is too large and cavitation occurs.

 Clean suction pipe and bottom valve; reduce water absorption height; block leakage; reduce pumping temperature;

 The sluice valve is adjusted to reduce the flow rate.

 Abnormal vibration of pump

 The pump is cavitation; the pump shaft is not concentric with the motor shaft; the anchor bolts are loose.

 Eliminate cavitation; correct the coaxial degree between the pump shaft and the motor shaft; tighten the anchor bolts.

 Bearing Overheating

 The lubricating oil is not enough or deteriorated; the pump shaft and the motor shaft are not concentric.

Check the oil volume or clean the bearing, replace the lubricating oil, and correct the coaxality of the two axes.

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