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 Service system  

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1 Emergency supply capacity
  In order to improve the market reaction ability and satisfy the customer's requirements, the company takes the lead in establishing the enterprise resource management plan (ERP) in the national pump industry, so that the product can be managed scientifically from design and development, raw material purchase, production organization, stock and stock and service process.
  The company has established the central warehouse and finished warehouse which is managed by the computer. According to the importance of different product parts, the reasonable parts stock or the necessary finished product inventory requirements are made to realize the real-time dynamic management to ensure the satisfaction of the customer.
  Supply of important products of power and other industrial customers, self-made parts or outsourcing components (such as bearings, seals, etc.) to guarantee the stock of parts of more than 5 sets of products, to ensure that the time is responsive to the spare parts required for the customer's emergency plan. If necessary, the supply of the product is provided within 48 hours (excluding special appearance and packaging. Seek) ability.
2 After-sale service ability 
  It is our consistent pursuit to provide high quality service for our customers. We have established a fast service channel for our customers. The company has a product service center and a professional service team, including professional engineers and professional technicians. With after-sales service hotline and complaint hotline, more than 40 service outlets nationwide are stationed in professional after-sale service personnel to ensure customer requirements and solve problems in the use of products in time. As long as you dial our service hotline or telephone service at the sales service outlets, it will be effectively solved no matter whether it is sold before, during or after sale.
3 Technical support and training
    The company has the product research and development center and the technology department, is the international torch program key high-tech enterprise and Guangdong engineering technology research and development center, has a batch of "outstanding contribution" and innovative consciousness of professional and technical team. It can ensure that customers provide professional and timely technical support. At the same time, the service center is equipped with qualified technicians and professional technicians, providing on-site technical support and services free of charge.
  We can provide on-site or factory training according to customer requirements. We will provide the customer with the technical training on installation, commissioning and maintenance free of charge, and will provide the necessary facilities, venues, information and other training conditions for the customer trainers to provide accommodation and transportation for the training of the factory (Foshan).
4 Site installation guidance
  The purpose of the on-site technical service personnel is to ensure the safety and normal operation of the contract equipment provided. In general, the service technicians stationed in the service points and the professional and technical personnel of the headquarters are able to solve the problem on the spot independently. If necessary, they will be able to add professional and technical field to solve the problem in time. On-site installation personnel guidance staff satisfaction: a strong sense of responsibility and career, understanding of the design of the contract equipment, familiar with the structure, the same or similar equipment field work experience, can be correctly conducted on-site guidance.
  For the service personnel sent to the field, the service personnel will be ensured to meet the customer service guidance requirements. The service personnel should be confirmed by the customer, without the consent of the customers, and will not be changed and removed at will. All the expenses of the on-site service personnel will be borne by us, and we will not ask the customers to incur additional expenses due to holidays, overtime and other reasons.
 5 Time limit for quality assurance
  Under normal working conditions, the equipment has been shipped for 18 months or the equipment has been put into operation for 12 months (the two are in the first order), so as to avoid the failure of design, selection and manufacturing.
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