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YS series of vacuum water diversion devices

  • YS series of vacuum water diversion devices
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First、Product introduction
The YS vacuum water diversion device is based on summarizing the production experience of our company's vacuum water diversion device for many years.

Second、Product features
It has the advantages of simple structure, mature application and reasonable configuration. It can be divided into three different structural configurations, simple, standard and enhanced according to the user's needs. When larger volume or greater volume of water is required, please contact the relevant technology department of our company or carry out matching design of related units.

Third、Technical parameter
Pumping rate:0.45-10m³/min
Water diversion volume:greater than 30m3
Water diversion time:Recommend 5-10min

Fourth、Application area
It is widely used in water plant, power plant, paper, petrochemical and other large water pumps before starting the vacuum water. It can replace the traditional structure of the bottom valve in the intake pipe of the suction pipe, which can reduce the loss of the suction pipe and improve the suction performance of the pump. It can also be used for other occasions requiring liquid level lifting.

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