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2BW4 LRVP for power plate

  • 2BW4 LRVP for power plate
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First、Product introduction
The 2BW4 series water ring vacuum pump set is a liquid ring vacuum pump unit with large energy saving and large pumping capacity at present.

Second、Product features
It is equipped with heat exchanger to realize closed cycle of working fluid; equipped with anti cavitation valve to avoid cavitation; with differential pressure switch, pneumatic or electric butterfly valve to prevent gas from reflow; equipped with pressure switch to automatically control the input or withdrawal of the unit; with instrument and electronic control box, automatic or manual operation can be realized.

Kenflo comes the technical superiority of 2BW4 water ring vacuum pump set.
1、The improved 2BE1 liquid ring vacuum pump has more stable performance and reliable operation.
2、It is equipped with a flat pump which is more suitable for the working condition of the power station.
3、There are two options: stainless steel impeller, liquid ring pump, common material + air ejector.
4、Kenflo 2BW4 water ring vacuum pump unit has a more complete and reliable configuration.

Third、Technical parameter
Pumping rate: depending on the vacuum pump
Vacuum degree: depending on the vacuum pump

Fourth、Application area
Condenser, vacuum, flue gas desulphurization, fly ash transportation and water chamber vacuum pumps are used in the power industry.


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