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First、Product introduction
The 2BE1 series is a single stage single acting water ring vacuum pump with wide suction range. Through the two development, the 2BE1 series has developed from the initial 12 specifications to the 22 specifications now, and the varieties and specifications are more complete.

Second、Product features
1、Single stage single action, axial intake and exhaust, simple structure, easy maintenance.
2、The exhaust port equipped with flexible valve plate can automatically adjust the exhaust angle, enabling the pump to run efficiently under different inhalation conditions.
3、Equipped with automatic drain valve to control the starting level of pump and avoid overload starting.
4、The impeller end face is designed by classification, which reduces the sensitivity of the pump to the dust and water scaling in the medium. Large size impeller improved the structure of impeller reinforcing ring, prevented the magazine from being stuck, and improved the influence of structure on pump. The extracted gas is allowed to have non granular dust.
5、The packing gland is divided into half structure, which can be removed as a whole, and the seasoning is more convenient to replace.
6、By adjusting the assembling angle of the sealing member, the function of the inner circulation or external supply of the cooling water can be realized to meet the needs of different shaft seals. By connecting the leakage hole of the stuffing box, the dripping coolant can be brought to the designated place to meet the requirements of environmental protection. Small size pumps have two types of shaft seals, packing and mechanical seals.
7、The rotor with diameter larger than 200 is equipped with a sheathed shaft in the shaft seal position.
8、The axial and radial loads of the pump are separately borne by two different bearings. After improving the bearing structure, the pump can ensure long-term and reliable operation of the pump.
9、When the heat exchanger is installed, the working fluid can be recycled and the water consumption can be reduced. Through the self suction ability of the vacuum pump, the cooling working fluid is sucked into the pump without additional pressurization device.
10、2BE1 101~253 water ring vacuum pump. Pump body and side cover are connected by pull rod. 2BE1 303~705 water ring vacuum pump, flange connection between pump body and side cover ensures the overall rigidity and vibration resistance of large size water ring vacuum pump. When the maintenance space is small, horizontal installation can be used.
11、Using ordinary materials can meet the general requirements.
12、When the overflow parts are manufactured with different grades of stainless steel, they can meet different anticorrosion requirements.
13、When the over-current parts spray special materials, the anticorrosion cost of large size water ring vacuum pumps can be reduced. Its smooth surface can also effectively reduce the precipitation of ash like substances and slow down the scaling process.
14、When the inner cavity of the pump body is lined with vulcanized rubber, the corrosion resistance of the pump body can be improved.
15、2BE1***-0, the suction range is wide. When the pump is low, the suction pressure can reach 33mbar (ABS), and the first level ejector is adopted, the suction pressure can be lower than 33mbar (ABS).
16、2BE1***-1, low suction pressure can reach 140mbar (ABS), and the recommended range of effective suction is 160~1013mbar (ABS).
17、When the water ring vacuum pump is installed on the anti cavitation device, it can effectively improve the operation of the pump in a high vacuum.

Third、Technical parameter
Pumping rate:2.7-440m³/min
Vacuum degree:33-1013hPa

Fourth、Application area
It is widely used in the condensers of the electric power industry, vacuum vacuum pressure removal, vacuum distillation, vacuum crystallization, water deoxidization in oil production, various vacuum devices in the pharmaceutical industry, high altitude simulation in aeronautical research, vacuum water diversion in suction and drainage engineering, vacuum system in paper industry and various vacuum acquisition Process; vacuum formation of plastic and rubber; vacuum flotation and filtration in coal and mining, gas emissions from coal mines; vacuum systems in the tobacco industry; pressure swing adsorption devices, food packaging or vacuum drying.

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