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First、Product introduction
CDF liquid ring vacuum pump is an energy-saving new product developed by Foshan pump plant of Ken Fu Lai pump.

Second、Product features
1、Reliable quality, public ISO9001 quality system certification;
2、The impeller cantilevered design is simple, compact, saving space, easy to install and easy to maintain.
3、Equipped with anti cavitation valve to prevent cavitation damage in high vacuum operation.
4、Smooth and reliable operation, low noise, no need to configure silencers, oil free design, low water consumption, environmental protection, etc.
5、The exhaust port equipped with flexible valve plate can automatically adjust the exhaust angle to enable the pump to run efficiently in the vacuum range.
6、The limit vacuum can reach the absolute pressure of 33mbar, coupled with the atmospheric ejector, which can obtain a higher suction vacuum.
7、The shaft seal adopts mechanical seal as the standard configuration, which is reliable in sealing and reduces equipment maintenance.
8、The components of the overflowing parts are various and can meet the requirements of different working conditions.
9、A complete set of units can be provided, including gas water separator, heat exchanger, cavitation protection connection pipe and so on.

Third、Technical parameter
Vacuum degree:33-1013hPa
Pumping rate:1.45-7.68m3/min

Fourth、Application scope
It is used to aspirate solid gas or allow non granular dust, insoluble or slightly dissolved gas in the working fluid. It is widely used in vacuum drying and packaging for pharmaceutical and food processing industries; liquid degassing, water pump in water works, vacuum extrusion and molding in plastics and rubber industries; vacuum filtration, distillation and impregnation in chemical and textile industries.

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