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First、Product introduction
CBF series water ring vacuum pump is a new generation of energy saving products. It is usually used for suction of gases which do not contain solid particles, insoluble or slightly soluble in working fluids. Water is generally used as a working fluid.

Second、Product features
1、The hydraulic design of the overflow parts is optimized and the energy saving effect is remarkable.
2、With lower impeller line speed, the pump operates more smoothly and reliably, with lower noise.
3、The vent of the flexible valve plate can automatically adjust the exhaust angle and effectively prevent the over compression in the exhaust process, and the water loss is greatly reduced by using the closed circulation of working fluid.
4、Equipped with automatic drain valve to control the starting level of pump and avoid overload starting.
5、When the working fluid is closed, the loss of water can be greatly reduced. Through the self suction ability of the vacuum pump, the cooling liquid is introduced into the pump without additional pressurization device.
6、When the pump body has partitions, a vacuum pump can suck different vacuum at the same time.
7、The flange connection between the pump body and the side cover ensures the rigidity and vibration resistance of the large size water ring vacuum pump. When the maintenance space is small, horizontal installation can be carried out.
8、The packing gland is a half structure, which can be disassembled and replaced completely.
9、The impeller reinforcement ring adopts the internal displacement design, which prevents impurities from being trapped and reduces the influence of water scaling on the pump.
10、When the overflow parts are manufactured with different grades of stainless steel, they can meet different anticorrosion requirements.
11、When the overcurrent components are sprayed with porcelain material SEBF, the smooth surface can effectively reduce the precipitation of gray matter and slow down the process of scaling.

Third、Technical parameter
Vacuum degree:200-1013hPa
Pumping rate:80-600m3/min

Fourth、Application area 
The negative pressure removal in the power industry; pressure swing adsorption in the process of gas production; vacuum distillation and vacuum crystallization in the petrochemical industry; vacuum flotation and filtration in coal and mining; gas emissions from coal mines; vacuum systems in the tobacco industry; vacuum systems in paper industry and various vacuum acquisition processes. 

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