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SK (2yk) series of water ring vacuum pumps

  • SK (2yk) series of water ring vacuum pumps
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First、Product introduction
SK, 2YK type water ring vacuum pump is single stage double action, radial intake and exhaust water ring vacuum pump; product structure is reasonable, high efficiency and energy saving, by the state as energy saving mechanical and electrical products. The SK/2YK type water ring vacuum pump is usually used to pump solids that are not solid or insoluble or slightly soluble in water. Because the gas is close to isothermal compression during the working process of the water ring pump, it is also especially suitable for suction and delivery of inflammable and explosive gases. The pump usually uses water as the working fluid.

Second、Product features
1、Single stage double action, radial intake and exhaust, high efficiency and energy saving;
2、The structure is sturdy, durable, long life, and can run continuously for a long time.
3、No direct mechanical friction, impeller and pump body is not contacted, no wear;
4、There is an appropriate gap between impeller and distributor, which is not sensitive to dust and particulates.
5、The foot is in the pump body, installed horizontally and dismantled, convenient for installation and maintenance.
6、All kinds of specifications are equipped with corresponding atmospheric ejectors to increase suction vacuum.

Third、Technical parameter
Pumping rate:9-146lm³/min
Vacuum degree:80-1013hPa

Fourth、Application area
It is widely used in the condensers of the electric power industry, vacuum vacuum pressure removal, vacuum distillation, vacuum crystallization, water deoxidization in oil production, various vacuum devices in the pharmaceutical industry, high altitude simulation in aeronautical research, vacuum water diversion in suction and drainage engineering, vacuum system in paper industry and various vacuum acquisition Process; vacuum molding of plastic and rubber; vacuum flotation and filtration in coal and mining, gas emission from coal mine; vacuum system in tobacco industry; various pressure swing adsorption devices; food packaging or vacuum drying.

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