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IS single stage centrifugal pump

  • IS single stage centrifugal pump
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First、Product introduction
The IS/IR pump is a single suction (axial suction) centrifugal pump. The temperature of the IS pump is less than 80 ℃, and the temperature of the IR pump is less than 104 ℃.

Second、Product features
1、Comply with ISO2858 standard;
2、The rear opening structure is convenient for maintenance, and the pump cover and impeller can be servicing without dismantling the pipeline.
3、The axial seal of IS pump adopts packing seal or mechanical seal, and the axial seal of IR pump adopts mechanical seal.
4、In order to avoid shaft wear, a shaft sleeve is installed on the shaft through the packing chamber, and a O shaped seal ring is installed in the shaft sleeve to prevent air intake or air leakage along the mating surface.
5、The IS/IR pump is lubricated by oil.

Third、Technical parameter
Inlet diameter:50-200mm

Forth、Application area
It is suitable for industrial and urban water supply and drainage, and can also be used for agricultural irrigation and drainage, for the use of clean water or other liquids of physical and chemical properties similar to clean water. The IS type pump conveyed liquid temperature not more than 80 ℃, and the IR type pump conveyed liquid temperature not more than 104 ℃.

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