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KCC single stage chemical process centrifugal pump

  • KCC single stage chemical process centrifugal pump
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First、Product introduction
KCC series standardized pump is a new generation of high quality products developed by CFD technology. Its superior water performance and structural features ensure reliable and low cost operation of the product.

Second、Product features
The conical combination of patent protection and radial shaft seal combined structure, and effectively improve the pump shaft strength, while also free from the erosion of the transmission medium; the optimization design of the impeller and the increase of the flow design make the pump performance range beyond the ISO2858 standard; conforms to the composite structure of the API610 bearing. 

Third、Technical parameter

Forth、Application area
Temperature of transport medium-40℃-+175℃.It is suitable for chemical and petroleum chemical industry, petroleum chemical industry, oil refinery, paper industry, sugar industry, sewage treatment, food and medicine and other industries.

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