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KPS series single stage double suction centrifugal pump

  • KPS series single stage double suction centrifugal pump
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First、Product introduction
KPS single stage double suction centrifugal pump is our company's new product. It uses advanced hydromechanics calculation method -CFD computer aided design method to develop a new generation of pump products. It has the advantages of high efficiency, low pulse, low noise, strong durability, convenient maintenance and so on. It adopts single stage, double suction, volute horizontal middle opening and two ends supporting structure. KPS series pump efficiency reached GB19762-2007 "energy efficiency limit value of clean water centrifugal pump and energy saving evaluation value", obtained the certification of energy saving products. It has been listed in the government procurement list of energy saving products, and passed the CE certification of EU, and got the passport to enter the EU market.

Second、Product features
1、The pump body uses high efficiency volute form.
2、The impeller is a two way flow symmetric structure with low pulse and optimized hydraulic performance.
3、Two axis extension, both ends of the pump shaft can be driven. The driver end is located at the end of the pump and can be selected by the user according to the security position.
4、Sealing form: packing seal, single end mechanical seal and other sealing forms are available.
5、Balance test: the impeller is used as the G6.3 balance test.
6、Coupling: the diaphragm coupling with two axis misalignment capability, high efficiency and obvious shock absorption function is adopted.
7、Bearing: import heavy load bearing;
8、Material: mainly HT250, HT250+SEBF spray, 1.4460k duplex stainless steel and other materials.

Third、Technical parameter
Pump caliber:inhalation150~1400mm,discharge100~1200mm

Forth、Application field
The weak corrosive liquid, which is usually used for pumping water or without solid particles and short fibers, can be used in the following fields: circulating water supply, industrial water supply and drainage, urban water supply, cooling water circulation, central air conditioning water circulation, high building water supply, building fire protection, boiler water supply and water and profit irrigation in the engineering system. It is especially suitable for water supply, paper mill, power plant, thermal power plant, steel plant, chemical plant and irrigation area. SEBF material or 1.4460k duplex stainless steel can also be used to transport corrosive media such as seawater.

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