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KHP series horizontal open multistage pump

  • KHP series horizontal open multistage pump
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First、Product introduction
KHP pump is a new horizontal medium open multistage centrifugal pump developed by our company. It is a new generation of high pressure multistage pump developed by the method of hydrodynamics calculation -CFD computer aided design on the basis of hydraulic model.

Second、Product features
It is the API 610 BB3 type pump, the shaft of the pump shell is split and the maintenance is convenient; the double vortex chamber design can balance the hydraulic radial force and prolong the life of the bearing and the mechanical seal; the shaft seal adopts the assembling type metal bellows mechanical seal and the self flushing mechanism with the cyclone separator, and it does not need the outer sealing liquid system and the service life is long. 

Third、Technical parameter

Forth、Application area
It can be used for crude oil transportation, high pressure water injection in oilfield, and also for transporting clear water and liquids with physical and chemical properties similar to water. The high temperature of transporting liquid does not exceed 104 degrees. It is widely used in oil, petrochemical, iron and steel, mining, power generation, port and other industries that require high pressure.

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