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First、Product introduction
GD pipeline pump is a product familiar to customers. GDR type pipeline pump is another new energy-efficient product developed by Foshan pump plant of Ken Fu pump.

Second、Structural characteristics
1、Easy to install: pump and motor coaxially, no need to adjust the axis, can be directly installed on the pipeline, do not need to specially design the barge line.
2、Compact structure: pump is directly connected centrifugal pump. Compared with ordinary single stage centrifugal pump, it can save more than 50% of floor area and reduce weight by more than 30%.
3、The economy is good: compared with the ordinary single stage centrifugal pump with the same performance, it can save more than 30% of the purchase and installation cost.
4、The pump is vertical vertical centrifugal pump with high temperature resistant motor (motor long shaft extension) coaxial with F grade insulation. The front bearing of the motor is a Japanese famous brand bearing, and the pump can be installed in horizontal or vertical.
5、The suction port and spit outlet of the pump are designed on the same horizontal axis, and can be directly installed in any position of the pipeline, just like valves.
6、Shaft seal for high temperature mechanical seal, no leakage;
7、The axial force is mainly accomplished by hydraulic balance, and the remaining part of axial force is borne by the motor bearing.
8、The commonly used material of pump body, impeller and straight connecting frame is HT200, and the shell material of high-power pump is HT250. Customers can choose materials such as copper alloy and stainless steel imported mechanical seals according to actual needs.

Third、Technical parameter
GD pipe pump:                                                     GDR hot water pipe pump:
YangCheng:8-50m                                                    YangCheng:8~150m                                              
Flow:2.4-410m³/h                                           Flow:2.4~960m3/h
Medium temperature:《80℃                                             Medium temperature:《130℃
Pump body pressure:《1.0MPa
Speed:1450(1480)or 2900r/min

Forth、Application area
GD pipe pump is used to pump normal water or physical and chemical properties similar to water. It is widely used in air conditioning system, water circulation system, building water supply and drainage system and various water conveyance places. GDR hot water pipeline pump is widely used in bathroom, heating, hot and cold water circulation and boiler water supply and drainage.

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