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KDL series vertical single stage centrifugal pump

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First、Product introduction
KDL series vertical multistage centrifugal pump is a new generation of new generation multistage pump products, its water performance and structure characteristics ensure that the user can effectively reduce the operation cost of the pump in various applications.

Second、Product features
1、The pump is a multi-stage centrifugal pump with segmental, vertical and closed impeller. It has the characteristics of compact structure, light weight, small area, small noise and vibration and high reliability. The shape of the pump is protected by the state patent (ZL023728434).
2、It contains 9 size specifications, and each specification has 2 to 113 impeller. In the case of user specified, the pump can also be installed as a 1 stage pump. Each type of pump can be installed with different diameter combination impeller group, so that different performance requirements of the user can be met, and the power loss can be reduced.
3、The axial force of the pump is mainly balanced by the unique structure of the impeller, and the residual axial force is borne by a diagonal contact ball bearing.
4、When the pump's progression is greater than 2, the pump's inlet and outlet can be installed at 0, 90, 180 and 270 directions respectively. Under normal conditions, the direction of the import and export of the pump is 180.
5、The coupling is placed on the outlet side of the pump.

Third、Technical parameter
Pump caliber:Spit out25~150mm,Inhalation40~200mm
Medium temperature:《105℃

Forth、Application area
The liquid used to pump water and trace impurities without solid particles can be used in water or water supply company's liquid supercharging device, circulation and cooling system, fire station, refinery, water conservancy irrigation, high pressure water station, building water supply, etc. When stainless steel is selected, clean corrosive liquids can also be transported.

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