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QW series submersible sewage pump

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First、Product introduction
QW series submersible sewage pump is an energy-saving product developed and developed on the basis of digestion and absorption of advanced technology of similar products at home and abroad.

Second、Product features
1、The pump is small in size and compact in structure. It adopts fixed wet installation, fixed dry installation and mobile installation. It has the characteristics of easy installation and disassembly.
2、The unique impeller design and reasonable design of the volute chamber make the pump's sewage discharge performance excellent, no blockage and strong anti winding capability.
3、An electronic monitoring system and a variety of protection functions are adopted to make the pump easy to control and safe and reliable.
4、With high quality bearings, the rotor and impeller can be operated smoothly and stably, making the pump run smoothly, with low noise and small vibration and no influence on the ground.
5、A mechanical seal with two ends and a single end is used to make the pump free of leakage and ensure the safe operation of the motor.

Third、Technical parameters
Dielectric properties:temperature《60℃,The PH value is between 5~9,The medium is not more than 1.1*10³Kg/?;The volume fraction of solid particles in the medium is not more than 4%; if the pump is allowed to inoculate with flexible fibers, the length of the fiber is large enough to allow 50~400mm (different pump types have different allowable values).

Forth、Application field
It is applied to the disposal of sludge, waste water and municipal sewage in municipal engineering, pumping stations and buildings with solid and a variety of long fibers, and also suitable for rural biogas pools, farmland irrigation, water supply plants in waterworks and so on.

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