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KYW series sewerage pump

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First、Product introduction
The KYW type underwater discharge pump is based on the advanced technology of digestion and absorption of similar products at home and abroad. It is designed in combination with the requirements of the users and the different use conditions and different ways. It has the advantages of advanced structure, strong discharge capacity and so on. It is very convenient to install the automatic control cabinet of liquid level.

Second、Product features
1、The unique large - channel impeller structure has greatly improved the ability to pass the dirt, and can effectively pass five times the fiber material and the diameter of the solid particle of about 50% diameter of the pump.
2、The mechanical seal adopts a new corrosion resistant cemented carbide material and makes it run in the oil chamber for a long time, but the pump runs safely and continuously.
3、The pump is a vertical structure, and the pump body is immersed in the liquid when working, so it is easy to start. There is no air evacuation problem. At the same time, it has the characteristics of no leakage and so on. The depth of the liquid can reach 0.5-5 meters.
4、The overall structure design is reasonable, the noise is small, the energy saving effect is remarkable, and the maintenance is convenient.
5、The pump and motor are connected by flexible coupling, and the size of the pump shaft is precise, which ensures the smooth operation of the pump and keeps enough safety factor.
6、It can be divided into two types: single tube type and double tube type. The single pipe type is only equipped with the outlet elbow, and the outlet pipe with two pipes is used to draw the water surface.
7、The automatic control cabinet of liquid level can be equipped according to the needs of the user. According to the change of the required level, the starting and stopping of the pump can be controlled automatically. It is very convenient to use without a special person to watch the tube.

Third、Technical parameter

Forth、Application area
It is suitable for chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, mining, paper industry, cement plant, steelmaking plant, power plant, coal processing industry, sewage treatment plant, municipal engineering, construction site and other industries, transporting sewage and dirt with particles, and can also be used to transport clean water and corrosive medium.

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